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Where do you find your inspirataion?

It amazes me all of the places that inspiration can be found if we are just open our eyes and our senses. A lot of my inspiration comes from books, other photographers and entrepreneurs as well as my family and friends. If you watch the news regularly you can easily be blinded by darkness but if you choose to fill your life with uplifting thoughts and surround yourself with positive successful people you will be amazed at the potential you have hidden within you. Don’t let fear hold you back from inspiring others and reaching your full potential.

Most people spend their entire lives worrying about what they don’t want to happen and then when the thing that they have been worrying about finally happens, they say “I just knew this was going to happen to me… “. Have you ever heard the saying that your thoughts become your reality? I firmly believe that this is true… I know many worrier’s and most of them are miserable. If only they would use their minds for more productive things. I went to a self help seminar once and one of the points that the speaker made was that “life was for laughing, loving and living… not whining, worrying and working.” This is what drove me to name my blog Laugh… Love… Live!

As Jesh De Rox says… “If you are not meeting your full potential, you are more than likely not inspiring as many people as you could be and the rest of us in this world are suffering because of it.”

Please leave your comments to this post and let me know how you find your inspiration and how you keep fear from running your life.

Live Life… Love Many… Laugh Often!

Since it’s not polite to post without including images…

Thought this image was only fitting considering the text on her shirt.

I had to post this image because the expression on his face reflects I believe how we’ve all felt when the fear of failure creeps up on us… that’s to far, I don’t think I can make it… I can’t quit my job to start my own business, what happens if I fail?… <insert your fear here>.

But just like him… if you aim high and shoot you can make it… and the next time you face a big challenge it wont be as scary! (the ball did go through the net, not under it. LOL)

Here is my beautiful wife at Cold Stone with a little German Chocolate something or other stuck in her teeth… at least that what she told me it was.

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