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lighting workshops

So you’ve been to a workshop or two hoping to learn what makes other photographers successful as business owners and photographers. When you got home you attempted to implement some of those great ideas in your own business only to find out that they wont really work in your market or your business.

This workshop will be NOTHING like the other workshops you’ve attended. One thing I’ve learned in business is that just because an idea or technique works for one doesn’t mean that it will work for others. Everything you will learn in this workshop can be incorporated into your own style and open up new possibilities to you as an artist. With so many natural light photographers entering the industry the knowledge you gain from this workshop will help set you apart from your competition.

This will be a one day hands on intensive workshop (1PM-7PM). You will spend the the day learning how to work off camera lighting into your photography. I will demonstrate some setups using one light and some setups using two lights. You will learn light theory as you practice different lighting techniques using amazing models.

This workshop is about you, not me. It will not be a workshop where I do all the work. I believe the best way to learn something is to do it yourself so you will be doing the setup and tear down of the lights, holding reflectors for each other, shooting, etc. When you go home, you should be comfortable with how to do off camera lighting and be able to incorporate it into your style the day you get back.

The cost for this mind blow is $600.

Because I think it’s important for everyone to get a chance to get their hands dirty I am limiting the number of attendees to 3 so if you want in here is what you need to do. To reserve your spot just click on the link next to the date you would like to attend. Once I get your payment I will send you a confirmation email and a couple weeks before the day of the workshop I will send out another email to all attendees with all the details.

The workshop will be held in and around my studio in SLC, UT.

Click the link to register and pay.

Coming Soon!

If you will be traveling to attend the workshop you will want to fly into the SLC International airport. Check out the Little America hotel, it is a decent hotel in downtown SLC and they offer a shuttle to and from the airport. I believe their shuttle service would even drop you off at my studio for a small fee (ask them about shuttle service before you book). If you want a room for cheaper than that there are a handful of budget hotels around, just email me and I will give you some suggestions.

Please spread the word about the workshop to anyone you know who may be interested.

Here is what is being said about the workshop…

“Awesome workshop! I think that the opportunity to practice what is being taught under the direction of Ryan really helped. His desire to make sure we understood the concepts were apparent from the very beginning.

I think we all came out of the workshop with a deeper understanding of light and how we can make it work on… our images. This workshop is a must for photographers of any level.”

          ~ Antonio Neyra

“Best. Workshop. Ever!!! I hate when I go to a workshop and there’s 60 people and we all watch a Power Point presentation, take our notes, and then go home and have no idea how to actually use what we just “learned”. Basically we all just had a really expensive lunch.

Ryan had us working! We went over the info and then set up and actually DID everything ourselves. We set up lights, we metered, we posed, we did everything. I went into this workshop with very specific questions and I came out with all the answers I needed. I also got the “picture in my head”.

Loved this workshop . . . I just spent about $1800.00 on new equipment. That alone should speak for itself! =)”

          ~ Mandie Wood Harris

“Ryan’s workshop on lighting was really great. He immediately put everyone at ease and was easy to talk to. He gave great information about lighting in general, and was open to answer any specific questions that came up throughout the day. The workshop structure was really incredible in that it was very hands on. Not only did Ryan instruct the class, but he also asked us questions, to help us think through the best ways to combat different lighting scenarios. I’d highly recommend this workshop for beginners and those that feel handy with lighting as well. I can’t wait to take what I learned, add it to what I already knew, and let it fly.”

          ~ Joanna Taylor